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SAP2000 Tutorial Manual.pdf [Latest] 2022




onstrate the key concepts and highlight the more speci- fic features of the program. The manual assumes you already have a good understanding of SAP2000. SIMPLE/SMALL-SCALE MODELS SAP2000 offers two modes for developing models: Simple model development Small-scale model development In both cases, a standalone version of SAP2000 runs on your workstation, which is com- pared with the SAP2000 database instance of the standard model. The s/w has to be running on your workstation in order to develop your model, but it is not necessary to run any s/w on the SAP2000 database instance, which can be installed on another workstation on your network. You can develop your model on your workstation and then transfer it to the database instance. You can develop your model on any platform that supports NetBeans. Here are the steps for developing your first model using a simple model: Follow the process for each section Create the model project Modify the project Run the program This chapter covers the following topics: Overview In SAP2000, you can develop simple models using a workstation and a program. These models can be created for financial, manufacturing, and process transactions. You can also view them in an interactive window. Before you begin to develop a simple model, make sure that you have the following: Installed SAP2000 SAP2000 Database Instance NetBeans Step 1: Overview In this chapter, you will: Review a simple model Create a project for a simple model Set the properties of a simple model Define and run a simple model Step 2: Review a Simple Model This section explains the concepts you need to know in order to develop your first model. Overview of simple models You can develop a simple model in the following ways: You can use the model dialog box to enter information, or you can build your model using model builder You can run the program that you have developed from a stand-alone installation. You can run the model in a stand-alone environment or in a database instance. Figure 1.1 Simple model development overview Simple models are characterized by the following features: Simple model project The model project can be




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SAP2000 Tutorial Manual.pdf [Latest] 2022

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